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What do you imagine would make your trip most memorable? If you are submitting via an iPad or mobile device and do not receive an email confirmation from WendyPerrin. Best bang-for-your-buck hotels Hotels are springing up all over the place in Myanmar today. Many of the hotels near Inle Lake are positioned on the shore, some distance from any town and accessible only by boat.

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Since boat traffic is restricted to daylight hours, staying on the shore means finding yourself marooned at your hotel come sunset. A good alternative is to stay in the jetty town of Nyaung Shwe, the gateway to the lake, where you can wander around and try different restaurants. We suggest the new Thanakha Inle Hotel. Located right on the jetty with great views, the rooms are tastefully decorated and have certainly set a new standard in Nyaung Shwe.

At the new Bagan King Hotel, located in downtown Mandalay, the owners have really made an effort to decorate the hotel very nicely, using traditional woodcarving, silks, and other textiles from the region. Rooms are small but cozy, and the restaurant and bar on the roof offer a great view over the city.

The Strand, a classic British hotel located right in the center of downtown Yangon, has recently completed renovations. All of the beautifully redone rooms are suites, the food is excellent, and the atmosphere is that of colonial Yangon. Diners collect ingredients on their own from refrigerators—meat, quail eggs, mushrooms, and the like. The Moon Restaurant, located right next to the Ananda Temple in Bagan, is a gem of a vegetarian restaurant its alternate name is Be Kind to Animals , and reasonably priced. The Inthar Heritage House on Inle Lake—designed with the culture, art, and tradition of the Inthar people in mind—is a marvelous spot for lunch.

Not only a restaurant, the place is also home to a Burmese cat breeding program and a wide selection of books on the art, culture, and history of Myanmar, Southeast Asia, and the Burmese cats. The restaurant reflects the style and elegance of Inthar culture, featuring authentic traditional Inthar cuisine using seasonal fruits and vegetables from their organic garden, as well as fish and plants from the lake.

Meal worth the splurge For a true splurge, dine at Le Planteur in Yangon. Unlike Angkor, which is covered by jungle and forest, Bagan is a vast, empty plain nestled in the curve of the Ayerwaddy River, where thousands of stupas and temple ruins extend as far as the eye can see. While other temples amaze people by their size, Bagan amazes by the vast area covered by religious monuments. Beautiful Ngapali Beach is just remote enough to not be overcrowded, but popular enough to warrant a good number of hotels.

You can walk along the sand for miles, visit the local fish market and fishing villages, or ride bikes along the shore and up into the hills. Snorkeling, diving, and expeditions to mangrove swamps are also available.

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For unparalleled beauty, consider taking a cruise out into the Mergui Archipelago with its islands, exquisite beaches, and fascinating Sea Gypsies. This area, bordering Thailand, is one of the most remote parts of Myanmar and is verging on being discovered. Go now, before it is! This mile-long, relatively shallow expanse of water nestled among the Shan Mountains has become the home and lifeblood of the Inthas, one of as many as ethnic groups in Myanmar, each with their own languages and dialects. Archimonde: Rise, legion, and turn this world to ash!

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Missing script. Summoned Spiders just stand in front of you on the ground without do nothing. He is bound by three mob which will need to be killed first. Then you can't obtain Tasty Talador Lunchbox toy. It seem to be a Crowd Control.

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How it should work : You should be free to walk while using this toy and CC alarm shouldn't appear in the middle screen. Go up the stairs turn left, the treasure is inside the building.

Astrologer's Box

Loot is Accursed Tome of the Sargerei toy. Treasure coordinates Enter the cave, you'll see two paths - straight and up. Go straight, the first pillar closest to you has two stones which you can jump on. Do it and climb up the vine, from there you can jump on the left pillar with the treasure.

Cavern entrance This toy have the model of Crashin' Thrashin' Roller Controller When you're using this kind of toy "cc alarm" in the middle screen shouldn't appear "Pacified". This toy have the model of Crashin' Thrashin' Flamer Controller. When you're using this kind of toy "cc alarm" in the middle screen shouldn't appear "Pacified". This toy have the model of Crashin' Thrashin' Cannon Controller When you're using this kind of toy "CC alarm" in the middle screen shouldn't appear "Pacified". Then Dazzling Rod toy can't be obtained.

Tower entrance How it should work : It should transform you into a red draenei depending of your character gender. How it should work : It should be removed once you cancel buff related. To reach the branches of the tree you have to click on Loose Soil from which comes out a root that throws you over them, but here, root comes out without throws you That root is targetable and killable it shouldn't be this way.

Furthermore, you can't obtain Podling Camouflage because after 14 days Strange Green Fruit disappear from your bag without turn into Ripened Strange Fruit. Citat: Strange Fruit is located east from Vol'mar north entrance. Go along the road you'll see water, find Loose Soil near the water. Click on it, it will transform into a tentacle which throws you on the tree with the Strange Fruit treasure.

Podling Camouflage transforms you into a Podling. Bug description : Skull of the Mad Chief isn't spawned. Treasure is surrounded by gas cloud, pick up Mysterious Fruit around the tree until you get Pollen Protection wowhead link which allows you to loot the treasure. Loot is The Perfect Blossom.

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By using the toy you get Fel Petal , which gives your pet a green glow. Toy has a 1 day cooldown. Furthermore, Throbbing Blood Orb doesn't work. A Blood Ritual Orb is summoned as neutral target and disappear after seconds. Loot is Throbbing Blood Orb.

Astrologer'S Box, Star Chart Toy

Obviously i can't test it on Garrison's bodyguard because its bugged. How it should work : It should be used only on you Garrison's bodyguard. Bug description : The cost of this item is gold and it should be Furthermore, this toy doesn't work. Infiltrating the Sargerei 3.

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Facing Demons 5. Socrethar's Fury 6. How it should work : It transform you into a Sha'tari Defender. This Quest should be complete from list of your tracked quests once you found the treasure but in this server you need to complete it to Tony Tuna NPC that isn't signed on the map. Even you can read in quest description that it doesn't need to be complete to that NPC.

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This item grats you the ability of farsight or in this case Watersight wowhead link , useful for pvp and for explorers that aren't hunters of shamen. Using the conch allows you to place a targeting circle anywhere within yards, and once placed your view point will transfer to that position and remain there for 30 seconds while you channel the spell. The unique part of this item is that when you have set a place to change your view to, you are given an extra action button of Droplet wowhead link , which allows you to call down a large drop of water from your character's location and have it land anywhere you want within yards 1 second cooldown.

The droplets dont seem to have any interaction with players or npc's but are great fun for confusing people. Works in pvp non-rated battlegrounds.

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