Jiyo shaan se horoscope january 23 2020

During March-April, time will be little better due to Malavya Yog formed in your first house and also since Venus is getting an aspect of Jupiter, though it is afflicted by malefic planets, but will give you little peace of mind. During this period, you may meet your new love if you are searching for a partner. In the month of August, and later in the months of October-November, you may have multiple affairs or will depict a flirtatious attitude towards a partner.

It is due to significant changes in the positioning of Rahu in the later months of the year. This change will be from Gemini to Taurus. Some long-term ventures take off now. Take time off at times to breathe fresh air. Also make sure that you are moving in the right path for now. The year would see you actively packed for most of the period in the professional front. Your work load would extend till the year ends. There would be cordial relations with those at work.

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Mostly routine works are called for, however be ready to tackle contingencies as well. This would be a good time to look for a switch, a pay-hike, a promotion, a relocation and the like. Those into research and sales are likely to get a good boost this year. Take pleasure in proving your mettle in the professional side. Natives interested to pursue academics would also find the time ripe for the same.

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Through the year, you would be able to refine yourself in a more positive way as far love and relationships are concerned. Pleasure alone would not be your motive anymore. You would expect and meet authentic partners who would continue in your long journey together for long. The single ones would feel the heat more now, thanks to the yearning for a more settled love life. Most of you guys would be able to attract caring partners these days. Those already in a marriage or relationship would get motivated to take their relationship and understanding to a new high.

A good time to leave the rest of the world and share your time with your partner in solitude and perhaps silence!!. This would be a good time to plan for your financial future. Find ways and means to improve your financial net-worth. An apt time to invest in your dream home or luxury car that has been on your wish-list for long.

There would be financial demands from your near ones, make sure that you stay within your means here. There should be a limit for the outflow and do save some. Be diplomatic and avoid rifts owing to financial issues both in personal and professional areas. The last quarter of the year promises some luck and fortune for Taurus folks, particularly the deserving ones.. Health of Taurus people mostly depends on how you value life and manage it.

Major changes are likely in the personal front that might cause you to lose your energy levels. Hence make sure that you are fuelled for the tasks ahead.

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Maintain a good balance between work and play. Keep a tab of what goes inside too. Stay away from consuming fast foods and other fatty foodstuff for now. Also watch out for any weight gain as you stand to get some being a couch potato through the year.

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Get out, play a sport or be active in some sense. The planets for the year promise good tidings at the home and family level of Taurus natives.

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You would have a better say now than ever before on this front. Your near ones would be looking up to you for support and strength, do not wriggle away your responsibilities for now. However make sure that you stick to your values in life. Do assert yourself too when the situation warrants the same.

Do not yield too much to the whims and fancies of those at home. Strike a good balance between home and work during the year ahead.

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Communication would be key to happiness at home and would reduce the gap between you and family. Natives are advised to practise some self-discipline through the year to be successful. Also get rid off of your stubborn tendencies to do better in inter-personal relationships. As January starts, Mars is placed in your sign and is in square aspect with Saturn.

Fortunately, the eclipses in will start to touch on your romance and social axis and there can certainly be new love on the horizon whether you're single or attached. The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 falls in your romance sector and will be opposite Venus, which will be retrograde at this time. You might have a situation where an ex wants a second chance. Regardless, Venus Retrograde from May 13 - June 25 will be a major lesson for you about the power of allowing yourself to receive love -- and to remember how much you deserve it. More eclipses in this area of your chart on November 30 and December 14 are likely to bring new energy into your heart space.

Be open!

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