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A rare and scholarly article not usually found everywhere. This article was withdrawn by Dr. Later, the new approach suggested here was copied by the reviewer and published in an article in the May issue of the same magazine. Knowing that the new method may be copied, the author submitted 2 different versions of this article which was published in Express Star Teller in Mar and Saptarishi Astrology in Mar This is a unique article showing the astrological interpretation of twin births based on Vedic and Krishnamurti Paddhati principles.

Published in Express Star Teller in Jan Andrew reveals very old practical secrets. This articles was published in Express Start Teller in July Andrew Dutta showing light to birth time rectification using the Krishnamurthy Padhdhati system.

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Was published in in Express Star Teller. Through this article Dr. Andrew Dutta made unequivical prediction of UPA coming back to power in general elections of India. Published in Express Star Teller. Life Problems and Gem Solutions This article, published in January issue of Express Star Teller, provides the esoteric hidden meaning behind gem usage in astrology and prescriptive solutions for a variety of life problems.

Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. KP Astrology Course. About Dr. Andrew Dutta. Birth Time Rectification Course. Sample Pages and Videos. Knowing KP Astrology. Ruling Planet course.

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KP Course Customer Feedback. Some correction factor needs to be applied …….. Possible pitfalls : When someone is dealing with so many numbers, there is a tendency to match the results somehow. Also chances are high that there will be sheer co-incidences, providing some apparent pattern in small scale checks. The method, if correct, can be a very good Post-mortem aid in stand-alone mode.

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However, for projecting in to future, it may not be useful in present form. Let me try out the method with some examples. I have tried both days and And also, where applicable, forward and backward movement for odd and even signs. Please note that the calculation is very much dependent on Lagna degree. How Mercury is connected to Sagittarius is not apparent here. However, same can be explained with a different navamsha approach. However no correlation is found.

The progressed lagna is in Capricorn, at 18d55 which is again close to degree of Mercury. As the Me is 5L and aspects Aquarius and hence this is justifiable. No correlation could be found. No correlation observed. Although Rahu is getting Scorpio navamshaka with Navamsha sphuta of 20d… but should this be allowed? Progressed lagan is at 6 Sc No correlation found. Progressed lagna is at Leo, 3d09 min.

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May be correlated with degree of Mars. Conclusion : No real trend so far. Progressed lagna is at Pisces at 14d34 min. However, if we consider the TOB is slightly off and the Lgana is at approx 8d, then the progressed lagna is at Pisces 13d Also the navamsha falls at Scorpio where Jup is posited. Assuming 8. A Death of Father happened on 3rd December, Mars, 10L is also Maraka to 9L Jupiter.

No correlation d SS No correlation Additional : If we look at the chart, The sensitive points in Virgo is As Virgo is 3rd house, 7th to 9th house, it can show death of father. Mars is lord of 10H.. No match b BCP The progressed lagna is in Taurus..

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Progressed lagna is in Leo, 20d Close to degree of Mercury…but connection of Mercury and Leo is not apparent. D Birth of 2nd son on 08 Sept Mars is 5L b BCP No correlation. Moon and Venus are in parivartana. However, no clear correlation d SS E Minor surgery on 12th November, Tenuous correlation with Mercury or Venus degree-wise. However, no relation exists in chart or navamsha. Again Tenuous correlation with degree of Jupiter.

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This does not match. However, if the lagna degree is slightly less.. Also, Cancer being 8th house, 12th to 9th lord , will justify the event. Progressed lagna is at Cancer 5d Does not match. Progressed lagna is at Pisces, 28d Mercury is 7th Lord.

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  • So can show marriage. But Mercury and Pisces are not connected. The gap increases as the age increases…roughly 1 degree in 70 years.

    Saptarishis Astrology: Birth Time Rectification Reading Via Nadi Astrology

    Anyway, please tell me whether I should pursue this direction of thought or not. RegardsP L Chakraborty Random Thoughts The following is a random thought…… may be there is something in the thought that I would pursue in future. Just sharing with all of you. There has been discussions about various navamsha. Few prominent authors have expressed that Normal navamsha classical or Parashari, Cyclic, Harmonic or whatever we call them does not give good results while applying with Jaimini analysis. So people have come with possible navamsha construction techniques.

    Eminent astrologers like Rath-ji and Shanmukh-ji have come up with a navamsha what they call Nadi-amsa or jaimini Navamsa. Sri PVR-ji has come with a slight variation of that. Somehow, these methods do not appear logical to me. How audacious!!! Hence I tried few of these Navamsha techniques too.

    But later on, I tried to see the Logic of these methods. And now I am trying a new method……. It was felt that this property should get reflected in navamsha too. That is, 1st part of any Chara Rashi should get that particular navamsha. In any Navamsha construction method, this is followed.

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    The 9th Amsha of Sthira Rashi should get the same navamsha. However, in any of these navamsha methods, same is never attained. The way out, logically, is very simple. Related Papers. Vedic astro textbook. By Lokesh P.