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Here are some asteroid numbers for your ease of use. You are very welcome, Kenna. Thanks for reading. I have a new Forum. I would love you to register and talk about anything you would like.

Eros, the Asteroid of Love and Desire – Daykeeper Journal

It is free, of course xx. Please, can you tell me something about asteroid Fortuna 19 located at almost the same degree as the fixed star Regulus on MC and what about Venus on ascendant in conjunction with the Cupido and Tyche asteroids in natal chart. Thank you. Hi Anya Thank you for reading and being a part of my website.

I do not know all the asteroids or Fixed stars. I invite you to come and register. It is free, of course. I do not have experience with Tyche, either.

As far as Venus conj the ASC, you are very attractive. Cupido, there, may make you, somewhat of a player. You may do this for your own ego or needs. Does this ring true? Thanks for the invitation dear, your posts are great! Ok The natal. How close are these to the ASC? Nessus conj Eros and Juno. How close? You can put your chart up in my Personal Readings Forum if you want. And if we also count the aspects between the Jupiter near Regulus on the MC in the tight conjunction with the NN also on Regulus and… Juno 29 degree Cancer there might be something really out of ordinary methinks.

Hm… Tatoo? What a great idea! Ok Let me ask you this. Anyway, thanks for your attantion. Well, to break it down.

Kaali is like an open energy vein or artery. That is JUST what it is. It carries no judgement, no coloring, one way or another..

Now, what makes Kaali is what touches it. You have it conjunct the ASC.

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In another client with this placement, she LOST her vital energy to the environment. You have the Sun there, too, so that complicates it. Honestly, I would need you to tell me. Come and discuss it, in the Forum, if you want to discuss it.

Asteroid 1943 Anteros

You can discuss it, here, too, if you would rather. Let me pick your brain. I learn from the people with the aspects, such as you. Do you have lots of confidence, especially when people first meet you? Let me throw out a few thoughts. However, wehave the Sun in there, so it may go either way, now.

What do you think? By some sources, this is the highest magical energy more like the Eloptic Black Light of Sirius. This is the one of the most powerful forms of the Shakti energy. This may be the one of the reasons why the others are expecting too much from the ones with the Natal charts of this kind. Well, to me, Kaali is the Kundalini energy, which is our basic life energy. Kundalini energy is our life force, energy wise. That is how I see Kaali. I have some really interesting position or linkage by Magi of kaali in synastry. Yes, it is complicated. This kind of complicated aspect propels a person to really study Astrology.

When I do a natal chart, it takes me days. When I do a synastry, it make take me a week. That is how complex a chart is. Thanks a lot! Notify me of new comments via email.

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Adonis can signify your ideal man by sign, aspect, and house. He also had homosexual relations and thus can also be an an indicator of male homosexuality. Adonis is now transiting the sign of Scorpio.

Mars and Venus: Final Conjunction November 3, 2015

Pan is now transiting the sign of Aquarius. This one can take you to the best sex you have ever had, yet veering toward the more positive energy of this is advised, so treat each other with respect. Lilith is now transiting the sign of Aquarius. We are speaking of dark Moon Lilith here rather than Asteroid It's not an Asteroid, but it's significant enough to include. Casanova -- Casanova represents a promiscuous male, a seducer of many women, a player who shuns commitment.

Casanova is currently transiting the sign of Leo. Bacchus -- Bacchus is associated with wild orgies, groupies, highly sexual and unrestrained sex, group sex, Baccantes, and rock stars, and often indicates sex accompanied by drugs. Bacchus is currently transiting the sign of Sagittarius. Ganymed -- Ganymed was the lover of Zeus who overtook Hebe's place as cupbearer to the gods.

He was placed in the constellation of Aquarius, the water-bearer. So, Ganymed is an indicator of homosexuality. Ganymed is currently transiting the sign of Libra. Lust -- Lust represents lust and sexual motivation, as well as lascivious personality or behavior. Lust is currently transiting Libra. Nymphe -- Nymphe can indicate someone who is over sexed.